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Characters 103

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Name  LevelML ResetsGR
LadyDark  3900 350
Soly  3870 260
Jessie  4000 210
antonidas  10 190
Asura  3900 170
Server Rules

You are obligated to collaborate with the crew members, to show any items if you are requested to do so, or any other situation. Any Admin/GMs will never ask you for your account password

Language - Any insults brought to any player will be punished as follows:
First waring: suspend min 3 days
Second warning: suspend min 10 days
Third warning: suspend min 20 de days
Fourth warning : indefinite suspend
You must provide screenshots with the full conversation visible

Disrespecting/Insulting any member of the crew will be punished as follows:
First warning: suspend 30 de days
Second warning: indefinite suspend

Impersonating a member of the crew:
First warning: suspend 30 days

Forgery of proof is prohibited:
First warning: suspend 30 days
Second warning: suspend 30 days

Kill Steal is not allowed:
First warning: suspend 5 days
Second warning: suspend 10 days
This warning: suspend 30 days
Proof will be provided by the accuser

Cheating, hacking, exploiting bugs is strictly forbidden:
All accounts found cheating in any way or form will be deleted, and IP blocked permanently.

Do not share accounts:
If an account is found in infringement of any of the rules, all other accounts associated with the IP address will receive the same punishment

First warning: suspend 15 days
Second warning: suspend 45 days

Player Killing - it's allowed anywhere except for any map there is an event, this includes Golden Invasion:
First warning: suspend 3 days
Second warning: suspend 5 days
Third warning: suspend 10 days
Forth warning: suspend 15 days
Fofth warning: suspend 45 days

We reserve the right to change the rules without any prior notice
Remember that playing on this server is a privilege not a right


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